Friday, 13 July 2012

More about my weekend away with Linda - and a couple of discrete pictures

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We stayed in a very smart hotel - in a suite.  Here is Linda on a chair in the bedroom...

Under that demure dress she is wearing gold coloured lacy panties and a matching suspender belt which holds up her tan stockings.  I wanted her to show a bit more in the photo but she would not.  After taking the picture, I pushed her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops and panties and told her how much she turned me on.  She stroked my hard on through my trousers.

Here she is on the bed. 

On the right is a desk.  I bent Linda over the that desk, pulled her dress up over her back and spanked her bottom. 

Then it was back on the bed.  I pushed her dress up to her waist and pulled her panties off.  Eagerly I buried my face between her welcoming thighs and licked her hairy cunt.  I loved the sensation of her stockings rubbing the side of my face as I licked her, pushing my tongue in as far as I could.  Then she returned the compliment, taking my cock deep in her mouth and sucking and licking me expertly.

We undressed.  Linda kept her stockings and suspenders on as she knows that drives me crazy with lust.  After prolonged fingering and mutual wanking we were both ready to fuck.  I took Linda doggy style - she loves that because she can finger her clit while I fuck her and I adore lookind down on her ample arse framed by her suspender straps.  As I fucked her I said "you're rubbing your clit.....I bet when you were a naughty schoolgirl, lying like this up in your bedroom, masturbating, you wish you could have had a hard cock up you."   Linda moaned her agreement and said she deserved to spanked for being bad.

Linda came first - her body shaking - and I flooded her cunt with my spunk.

We lay side by side, so much spunk dripping from her cunt that I fetched a towel to mop it  up.

An excellent afternoon!


  1. Thank you for the photos of Linda...she looks a very lovely lady and I like her dress, both style and colour. In the photos is she sitting on a sore bottom or on an about-to-be-spanked bottom?

    1. these are pre spanking Janice.